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Join the campaign created by ECOBAC in collaboration with WWF Mexico, with the purpose of improving navigation practices during the whale season.

Campaign "Less speed, more lives"

Whales face numerous dangers during their migration, as well as in their breeding and feeding grounds. Collisions with boats, entanglements in fishing gear, noise pollution, and harassment by boats are just a few of the dangers they face.

ECOBAC, in collaboration with WWF Mexico, launched the campaign “Less Speed, More Lives” to improve navigation practices during the whale season and raise awareness about the importance of navigating with caution to avoid collisions between boats and whales, which can cause severe injuries or even death of people and whales.

We appreciate the support of WWF Mexico



During whale season please keep these regulations in mind, to make a correct sighting, remember that calves are difficult to see, take care of yourself and the whales.

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