Big Whale Disentanglement Workshop in Colombia Lead by RABEN

It has been a long and arduous journey since our first interinstitutional team whale rescue took place almost 14 years when we were able to rescue a whale entangled in a net in Banderas Bay.After many years of hard teamwork, courses, and training, we managed to obtain support from the International Whaling Commission and funding from CONANP. Then, under the coordination of ECOBAC, the National Network RABEN (Entangled Whales Assistance Network in Mexico) is created with 15 teams and 180 trained members distributed
in the Mexican Pacific and the Baja California Peninsula.
Now, for the first time, members of the RABEN team lead a workshop about large whale disentanglement techniques, in Colombia on behalf of the International Whaling Commission. Karel Beets and Astrid Frisch trained 31 people from 14 different institutions and agencies from the Environment National System and the Colombian Army. The 2-day workshop included a classroom day and a practice on water day and took place at the Pacific Botanical Garden at Bahia Solano in the department of Choco in the Colombian Pacific.With great pride, we share this great achievement and recognition for RABEN by the International Whaling Commission.  This was achieved thanks to the 180 members of RABEN that every day are committed to rescuing big whales rescues in an efficient and safe way.
All this was also possible thanks to all the volunteers and donors of ECOBAC who always support us and help us to fulfill our projects.
RABEN team from Loreto successfully rescued a fin whale caught in a gill net on September 12, 2017. This is the first international record of the rescue of a whale from this species, the second largest whale in the world!
Now we have to get organized and have practice sessions to be ready for the next whale season.Thanks to all for your great support, we´ll keep working and keeping you informed.
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