Ecotourism is a very important tool in the development of local communities and it promotes sustainable development. In addition, it can be a very useful platform for research and environmental education.

ECOBAC seeks to promote the development of ecological tourism, through consultant services in the following areas: specialized training for guides, regulations, route designs and services and facility certifications.


ECOBAC seeks the benefit of those companies that participate with concrete actions in the conservation of natural resources and promotes the economic and social development of local communities. 

We collaborate extensively with Ecotours de México, a pioneer ecotourism company in Mexico, which offers a different option for those interested in having a unique experience, where in addition to having fun they can learn about the places they visit and support our research and conservation projects.


Since we can´t really care for things we don´t know it´s very important to train whale watching tour operators.

As a first step towards training, in 2002 we organized the 1st. Humpback Whale in Banderas Bay Workshop, were research, regulation and conservation issues were discussed.  Since then, we regularly give training courses and workshops to Whale Watching Tour Operators all over the Mexican Pacific coast.

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