10 more whales rescued!

At the Whale Disentanglement Network, known as RABEN, we celebrate our 20th anniversary by being grateful for the rescue of 10 more whales this season.
We have rescued a total of 97 whales in 20 years!
We also celebrate that during this season there were no reports of gray whale entanglements. We congratulate the newly integrated RABEN Alto Golfo/San Felipe team, who managed to rescue two whales in their first season.

10 whales released in Mexico in the 2023-2024 season

Thanks to the implementation of the new WhatsApp number (RABEN Mobil) since last year and the reinforcement of campaigns to report entanglements, an increasing number of people are reporting accurately.
+52 1 322 1500850
Some of the reports received were made from areas where there was no RABEN team or by people flying a drone, which represents a challenge since there were no clear signs of entanglement at the surface, making it difficult to relocate the whale. Even so, this information is essential since it allows us to learn more about the magnitude of the problem and we are already devising a plan to deal with these situations. We thank everyone who sent us all the reports concisely and timely.
                         Without a timely report, there can´t be any rescues!

Challenges behind the reports

Each season is different.  Every rescue presents a different challenge: weather conditions, time of day, distance from the coast, whale’s behavior, how the whale is entangled, false reports, incomplete or unconfirmed reports, among others.

A total of more than 60 reports were attended, out of which 14 did not require intervention as the fishing gear will shed on its own and/or does not represent a risk to the life of the whale. Other cases were false alarms and others could not be confirmed.

On several occasions, it was not possible to attend the report due to the bad weather that prevailed this season.Some rescues took us a few hours, while others took us several days. If you’d like to learn more about three of the most complex rescues of the season, we invite you to watch these videos.

Rescue #90 Female with newborn calf and pectorals tangled in a longline

Two whales entangled on the same day a few kilometers apart

Looking forward to the next season

The official season has ended for the teams on the Mexican Pacific Coast. However, the work of the RABEN teams in the Baja California Peninsula is not yet finished.


Now is the time to begin planning and organizing for the next whale season. This involves seeking for funds as it is necessary to replenish tools to have sufficient resources for the upcoming season.

Thank you!

Special thanks go out to all the members of the RABEN teams who performed incredibly, dedicating their time and effort during this season’s rescues.

We express our gratitude to WWF Mexico, RIU hotels & resorts, BIOMAR Ecological Foundation, Stanley Ekstrom Foundation, Junghanns, Vallarta Natours, Lavery´s Sod Farm, Nado por las Ballenas, Ecotours Vallarta, CONANP, as well as all individual donors, thanks to you we can continue rescuing the giants of the ocean. Many thanks also to all the people who support us by spreading the word so we can reach more people.
Thank you all for making it possible to rescue these 10 whales! 

We invite you to stay informed about our activities and contribute to the conservation of these incredible marine giants.

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